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National high-tech enterprise,Deep technical details

It has a team of high-quality talents who are deeply engaged in marine electrical engineering

Master the leading domestic and foreign technologies in ship electrical design, production, etc

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Six advantages

  • technological innovationWe are more professional

    Adopt advanced ship technology and combine advanced advantages of the industry,
    Multi platform application field

  • Energy SavingWe are more environmentally friendly

    Use clean energy electrical support,
    Rapid response to national policies

  • DurableWe are more strict

    Management and production shall be conducted according to the standards and concepts of developed countries,
    Strictly control the use of advanced technology in the industry

  • Economic performanceWe are cost-effective

    High cost performance, witnessed by customers for more than ten years
    Choice of more than 100 customers worldwide

  • Professional guidanceWe are more confident

    Turn key project,
    Elite team in the industry

  • Scope of applicationWe are more comprehensive

    Provide comprehensive solutions and production solutions,
    Customized service

Customized ship electrical scheme, provided team

Non standardized equipment manufacturing and product design in ship electrical industry

Cooperate with leading enterprises such as National Ship Design Institute and German MTU

Online consulting
About us

About us

About us Company Profile:Zhuhai Haoyun Electric Co., Ltd., founded in early 2011, is committed to the design, approval, equipment manufacturing, instal…

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